Boats Return to Yellow Sky, 24 x 36, Oil on panel

Blessed by a love of life, an optimistic outlook, a very high energy level, a passion for painting, and a drive to keep my creative life in the forefront—all these traits have kept me going so far in a more-then-forty-year career as an artist. My interiors and landscapes explore a love of color, pattern, detail, and design, and––believing that “more is more”––I delight in making my work overflow with luscious, color-laden content to project a joyful and complex enthusiasm for life.

“Animated. Energetic. Vibrant. Imaginative. And these words describe just the artist. Throw in colorful, joyful, funky, whimsical, and exuberant and you have a partial description of Nan Hass Feldman’s evocative paintings as well.”
-Leon Nigrosh, The Worcester Phoenix.