Blessed by a love of life, an optimistic outlook, a very high energy level, a passion for painting, and a drive to keep my creative life in the forefront—all these traits have kept me going so far in a more-then-forty-year career as an artist. My interiors and landscapes explore a love of color, pattern, detail, and design, and––believing that “more is more”––I delight in making my work overflow with luscious, color-laden content to project a joyful and complex enthusiasm for life.

“Nan’s robust colors and whimsical lines show influences of Henri Matisse, her inventive patterns and interior scenes of Edouard Vuillard and Pierre Bonnard, her energy and expressive lines a reference to Vincent van Gogh, her touches of childlike whit and playful execution a bow to Jean Dubuffet, and her multiple perspectives a nod to David Hockney.”

Contemporary Cape Cod Artists: People and Places by Deborah Forman, Schiffer Publishing Ltd., 2014

Regardless of the medium––which might be oil, oil stick, acrylic, encaustic, or mixed mediums––the subjects I choose serve initially as armatures, preliminary arrangements upon which I can then build the details and patterns that represent my strong emotional responses to time and place. In this way, I love to capture my feelings about real environments, or those of friends, but also places I’ve traveled to, whether actually, or in my imagination. No matter the subject, I enjoy interpreting everything through my screen of selective seeing, playful detail, heightened color, and bits of fantasy.